Welcome to the world's newest Bitcoin Embassy.

The Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire is located on Route 101 in Keene, New Hampshire.  Bitcoin and other cryptos can be exchanged for US Dollars through our Crypto Vending Machine, classes, meetups, hackathons and more are held within the Embassy and a variety of crypto gear, books and more are available for purchase.

Learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is easy, fun, an investment in your future and now, free.

Here are a few secrets:

Bitcoin is easy to acquire.

Bitcoin is easy to use.

Bitcoin can provide a hedge against future inflation.

Bitcoin and other types of digital assets are changing the world, how we think of money and spreading globally every day.

Want to learn more? Drop by or sign up for a free class today and learn why now is the best time to get started.

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Decentralized Digital Assets include


Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies and other types of decentralized digital assets.  While the name "Bitcoin" is familiar to most people, the ideas behind Bitcoin have expanded into different cryptocurrencies, tokens that represent assets, fuel different services and an ever expanding universe. These share a simple concept - decentralization, security and privacy are not only desirable in today's world but increasingly demanded by consumers, businesses and entire industries.


The security of your money is paramount, and Bitcoin is secured through advanced cryptography.


The privacy of your financial transactions is key to your liberty. Unlike banks or credit card companies, there are steps that can be taken to protect your privacy.


You should be able to verify that your account balanced hasn't changed; through hacks or someone trying to cook the books. The immutable nature of blockchains helps ensure that your transactions are unchangeable and provable.

The equivalent of a Swiss Bank in your pocket.



Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies belong to no country or bank - created through open source software, they belong to the people.

Many people have compared Bitcoin to having a Swiss bank account in your pocket - this is incorrect.

A better analogy is having a Swiss Bank in your pocket - with only you holding the keys and in control (and responsible) for your money.


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Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday Closed

About Bitcoin Embassy NH

The Bitcoin Embassy of New Hampshire provides education, networking opportunities and innovation in decentralized digital assets, blockchain technologies and more.

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