MimbleWimble - A discussion on Privacy Technology

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2019-08-18 14:00
Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire
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MimbleWimble is a privacy technology that has been implemented in a few cryptocurrencies - Grin, Beam and epic.cash (not yet live).  MimbleWimble prevents a third party from seeing 1) the sender's address, 2) the receiver's address and 3) the amount of the transaction.  In short, nothing is readable - a transaction is between the parties involved, and that's it.

From the MimbleWimble Github:

A Brief History of MimbleWimble White Paper

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In Aug. 2016, Someone called Tom Elvis Jedusor (Voldemort's French name in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series) placed the original MimbleWimble white paper on a bitcoin research channel, and then disappeared.

Tom's white paper "Mimblewimble" (a tongue-tying curse used in "The Deathly Hallows") was a blockchain proposal that could theoretically increase privacy, scalability and fungibility.

In Oct. 2016Andrew Poelstra, a mathematician at Blockstream, wrote a precise paper, made precise Tom's original idea, and added further scaling improvements on it.

A few days later, Ignotus Peverell (name also came from "Harry Potter", the original owner of the invisibility cloak, if you know the Harry Potter characters) started a Github project called Grin (Yes! This project.), and began turning the MimbleWimble paper into something real.

And in Mar. 2017Ignotus Peverell posted a technical introduction to MimbleWimble and Grin on Github.

Since then, Grin has grown into a working blockchain developed by various members of the community, and after several stages of development, will launch Jan. 2019.

That's the interesting story of MimbleWimble/Grin white paper. Here are the three parts of them:




This event is to discuss MimbleWimble in a group setting - to share what we know (and don't know) about MimbleWimble.  The technology is compelling - this is a free event.


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